LED Solar Light Security Trailer / Tower


Trailer Overview

Our Solar LED Light Tower line produces powerful high-quality lighting without dependence on expensive-to-operate reciprocating engines. Complete solar-powered light tower package including super heavy-duty LED Lights, solar modules, charge control, battery bank and wiring, easy and fast deployment and ready to use.

Diesel light towers still have their place in the market but they require daily maintenance and thousands of dollars in fuel. Solar light towers offer peace of mind with an auto on/off feature and a clean, more economical operation.

Our LED solar light tower trailers are available for rent or purchase from our San Diego warehouse.

We can integrate any of our security systems with the light towers, check out the security systems page for additional options.


• No fuel or labor cost to fill up
• No Noise
• Up to 6 powerful led floodlights
• Reduced carbon emissions – No smell or smoke
• No maintenance

Order today

• Include 24/7 self sufficient solar powered, Powerful 600W Cool Light LED Bulbs, 1200W Solar Panels, 8X 150AH Gel batteries, DMV approved
• Free local pickup from our San Diego location
• contact us for more information, delivery options, produce time or customization options.

SOLAR LED light tower

Our light towers are fully Solar & battery powered, no external power or gas need for continuously daily night work.
The towers power up to 600W (6X 100w) led bulbs, which is comparable to 3600W standard halogen flood light bulb.

Our trailers are made from high quality materials, the trailer body made from solid, weather resistance metal which can stand most weather conditions.

The trailer base include strong, adjustable outriggers which rated to support the trailer with wind up to 60mph .

We offer 2 models of the Solar LED light tower, HSLT400 include total of 4x 100w LED light bulb and the HSLT600 offer 6x LED light bulbs which is comparable to 3600W standard halogen flood light bulb.

Trailers Base Features & Specifications

• 100% Solar & battery Powered solution
• 4 or 6 100w powerful LED flood light bulbs (up to 57,000 lm)
• Exterior color options
• Lockable Equipment Enclosure
• DOT Approved Lighting
• Mast Height: 25ft
• Number of solar panels: 4
• Solar panel output power: 1200w
• Battery Capacity: 1200AH
• Axis: Single
• Wind rating: up to 60mph
• Weather rating: IP65

Optional systems

Visit out security systems to learn more about the different systems we can integrate as part of our Solar LED tower solutions.