SOLAR (SELF SUFFICIENT)CCTV Security and Surveillance trailers (model HSCT600/HSCT900)


Trailer Overview

Our Solar CCTV Surveillance Trailers are state-of-the art Modular and fully portable Surveillance System solution, our trailers designed to provide security where it is impossible to operate any other security systems due to lack of power, internet connection or physical location to store a security system.

Popular application for our security solutions

• Social events Temporary portable security
• Drone detection and prevention
• Intrusion alarm/alerts
• Construction Site Security
• Solar Farms security and remote monitoring
• Cannabis and other Agriculture farms security and remote monitoring
• Ports and Airports mobile Security
• Boarder patrol locations Monitoring
• Traffic Monitoring / Vehicle Counting
• Time-Lapse Video Production

Popular application for our security solutions

• Include 24/7 self sufficient solar powered, 4X 2mp fixed + 1X high zoom PTZ HD camera, 8ch DVR/NVR recorder, 900W Solar Panels, 6X 150AH Gel batteries, DMV approved
• Free local pickup from our San Diego location
• contact us for more information, delivery options, produce time or customization options.

SOLAR Security and Surveillance trailers

Our trailers are made from high quality materials, the trailer body made from solid, weather resistance metal which can stand most weather conditions.

The trailer base include strong, adjustable outriggers which rated to support the trailer with wind up to 60mph .

We offer 2 different Solar CCTV Trailers setup/size, fallowing are the basic trailer specifications,  as a default package, our recommended surveillance system include 4 FULL HD with long range IR cameras for 360 degree coverage, and 1 HD, High zoom  PTZ camera, NVR server/recorder and 4G LTE broadband connection for Alerts and remote access.

Trailers Base Features & Specifications

• 100% Solar Powered solution
• 4G LTE & WiFi Connectivity, Full Remote access using any ISO and Android smart device, PC or MAC
• Basic video analytics include
• Push and popup smart phone alerts
• Exterior color options
• Lockable Equipment Enclosure
• DOT Approved Lighting
• Mast Height: 21ft/29ft
• Number of solar panels: 3
• Solar panel output power: 570w/900w
• Battery Capacity: 600AH/900AH
• Axis: Single
• Wind rating: up to 60mph
• Weather rating: IP65

Remote access

Wireless and 4G LTE connection are available for live monitoring and playback events from remote location. Remote access with full control is possible from any computer (mac/PC) or any smart device such as phone or a tablet

4G LTE will allow remote monitoring of full HD video quality, the connection will also allow live intrusion and other preset alerts.

P2P, wireless or VPN connection are also available:

P2P connection will allow secure long range wireless connection to a local office network or a near by monitoring unit, Wireless (WiFi) connection will allow local monitoring using a laptop or any smart device with WiFi capabilities.

VPN connection will allow secure encrypted connection to any secure network

Video Analytics

Video Analytics is the technique of using computer algorithms to monitor video (normally CCTV) cameras automatically in real time to provide management information and alarms.

Popular Video Analytics application

  • • Facial Recognition
  • • Perimeter Detection
  • • People Counting
  • • Traffic Monitoring
  • • Auto-tracking cameras
  • • Left object detection

and more, visit our Video Analytics page for more information.

CCTV Video Analytics San Diego

Optional systems

Visit out security systems to learn more about the different systems we can integrate as part of our security solutions.