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Who We Are and
What We Have to Offer?

Halcyon’s engineers have 20 years of experience providing state of the art security technology projects for many local and national customers, including government, commercial and private sectors. We have a great relationships with all the top manufacturers in the industry and we are qualified to work with their latest technologies. Located in the beautiful city of San Diego, we provide installation, repair, and consultation services to most Southwestern states, and we are able to ship domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

Halcyon Technologies integrates telecommunications, and green energy technologies in order to create  innovative security solutions that are accessible across the entire customer spectrum.

Halcyon Technologies mission is to make a difference contributing to safer, secure, and more sustainable future, specifically through the conceptualization and production of security technology solutions that are not only cutting edge, but in alliance with eco-friendly efforts.

Our Product

Marrying the principles, of surveillance and green energy, our engineers have built fully autonomous and portable security command centers. Each component of these can be custom designed for the right level of security, versatility, and autonomy to benefit both the commercial and government sectors; as well as residential property users. Mobile Security Light and CCTV Trailers bring peace of mind to even the most remote places in the world.

Part of our services

  • • Security systems design, service and installation
  • • Security systems upgrade
  • • Rent Mobile solar security and light solution
  • • Sell Mobile solar security and light solution
  • • Security systems design and consultation
  • • IP and long range communication solution design

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