How is it work?

By integrate an intrusion detection system either to our mobile security solution or to a stationary security system we are able to cover huge areas from any intrusions, our systems are commercial grade and use long range microwave to provide maximum accuracy with minimum false alert within a range of up to 2 miles from a central location.

Our outdoor PIR sensor can areas up to 1000sf with maximum accuracy, Beam sensors can be also use and create a virtual fence of up to 500ft

  • Sensors bigger area coverage are also available

Features and Benefits

An innovative wireless outdoor PIR mirror detector, comprehensively addresses property owners’ security needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms.

  • • Fully wireless, with Prolonged battery life (3 years in typical use)
  • • Optional sensors with built-in IR camera
  • • Distribute up to 64 remote sensors each with up to 2 miles distance
  • • Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS-TDMA) technology – Provides robustness and eliability closer than ever to wired systems
  • • Superior outdoor detection with virtually no false alarms, innovative Octa-Quad technology can distinguish between a moving person, swaying trees  and bushes, minimizing false alarms while ensuring detection of real threats
  • • Unprecedented, complete anti-masking protection

Monitoring and alert options

The security system offer many ways to handle an intrusion events, using CDMA/GMA cellular connection the main unit can be remotely fully controlled and send alerts to a dispatch unit, monitoring company or directly to the user, different option are available:

  • • Alert the user smartphone device using a dedicated app and pop-up alers (video clip attachment is optional when using sensor with built-in camera)
  • • Voice call to a specific contact list
  • • Voice call to a dispatch center
  • • Dispatch law inforcment using a monitoring company

Outdoor long range PIR sensor

PIR sensor with integrated caemra

Long range beam/virtual fence sensor